Computer Games Development Graduate – Video Game Enthusiast

I started playing video games at a very early stage of my life on my Mother’s SNES and Sega Megadrive. Since then my passion has exploded into what it is today. I became fascinated in how games were created. This interest grew as fast as the technology did and I found myself being entered into a Gifted and Talented course at the age of 11, where we would create our own websites from scratch. This further piqued my interest to learn about the code behind the game and the artwork within.

Eventually I realised my dream and was accepted for the Computer Games Development course at the University of Westminster. During my time I was part of several project teams, where together we would create games using the Unreal Engine, the Unity Engine and even from scratch with C# and C++. I also had a few solo projects in which I used C#, Unity and the Leap Motion(Opted against VR) to create some wonderful games.