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Dragon Quest Builders is a Sandbox Action RPG developed and published by Square Enix for the PS4, PS3, PSvita and Nintendo Switch. The game is set in the amazing world of Alefgard, which is the world from the original Dragon Quest video game. Player control “The Builder” who is tasked with rebuilding the entire world after being sent into eternal darkness. The game features a block style aesthetic style, with building and gathering elements quite similar to games such as the Dark Cloud series and Minecraft. The game was released in Japan in January 2016 and worldwide in October of the same year. A sequel, titled Dragon Quest Builders II will be released sometime this year. Whilst the demo is limiting, (as demos should be) what it does do is give you a glimpse into the fantastic world of Alefgard.

Review – Dragon Quest Builders

The art style is incredibly pleasing, as I am quite the fan of blocky sandbox games. The miniature or Chibi character style brings a lighter tone to the feel of this game. The original style of enemies has returned, so players can still expect to see the well-known Slimes, Chimaeras and Drackys.

No Dragon Quest Builders Spoilers

Without giving away any huge spoilers in this review of Dragon Quest Builders –  after sending the world into darkness, the people of Alefgard forgot how to “build” and thus returned to a savage way of life, by only caring about their own survival. You are tasked with rebuilding the world and getting the once lost people to gather together and stave off the darkness. You start by building a small dirt hut which after building a bed, allows you and the people to sleep safely at night. After seeing you build, they regain knowledge and the want to “build” again, which allows you to create crafting buildings for them, to which they will begin creating items out of what you can gather. With nigh on everything being destructible, you can shape the land to fit your needs and desires.

Crafting in Dragon Quest Builders

The crafting element within this game is as much as you would expect. Hitting dirt with your trusty Cypress Stick will give you a block of dirt, which you can then replace as part of a building, fill in a hole, or use as a defensive wall to deny monsters access to your town. Whilst you are not a hero, you can still fight monsters to obtain some sweet sweet loot. For example, to create torches you need some sticks and some blue goo. The sticks you can get from breaking broken branches normally found near trees, but the blue goo you can only acquire from defeating Slimes.

The level system is also unique to the Dragon Quest Series. Normally by defeating monsters you would gain experience (Exp) and gain skill points to use on various skills. However, in Dragon Quest Builders, you do not gain experience from defeating monsters. Instead, your experience comes from the towns that your rebuild. The experience comes from building rooms, gaining new townsfolk and placing items. For example, by creating a pot and placing in within a room will gain you 50 Exp.

All in all a fantastic game, and I cannot wait for it to come out on the Nintendo Switch.

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